There is a clear mismatch of supply and demand of correct workforce or manpower due to lack of technical and soft skills in appropriate education system.

Lack of awareness of current demands and proper practical knowledge of skill leads to unemployment in general.

Our current education curriculum is 70{cf48a9fb56d295b84a8c628056a8f75d819a128f2fcd49eb6124a6d955e26ad6} theoretical and 30{cf48a9fb56d295b84a8c628056a8f75d819a128f2fcd49eb6124a6d955e26ad6} practical. There is almost no scope of skill development and fresh educated youths are found unfit for employment year after year.

There are many organisations to provide skill training, but maximum offer supports to educated, graduates & youth only. The difference of SENOTECH is here. We support young male and female from rural and urban areas irrespective to education .

Idea is to offer working skill to all unemployed youth, both educated and uneducated, middle aged persons, farmers so that they can be optimistic to start new ventures -either as entrepreneur or find employment and can earn as per their capacity.

Scope for youth, middle aged, house-wife from both rural and urban areas. Scope for up-skilling of  employees, scope for young graduate engineers for either as Entrepreneur or expert employee.