Entrepreneur development :
All round support for start-up  of new MSME  entrepreneurs in manufacturing and trading of various material which have good market requirement. Support will be provided for manufacturing technology and training, quality control process development, technical services and in marketing the products.

Support will be provided for preparation of project report and funding for MSME

Skill development:
Skill development training for different sector skills will be provided intensively for producing skilled workers, supervisors, chemists, technical service staff , office staff and technical sales staff.

Supply of different skilled manpower to different government and private industrial area, industries.

Research & Development
Development of various cost economic products and processes in line with up- to- date international and national technology standard to support various MSME

Rural entrepreneur development
Priority will be given for rural sectors for increase employ ability and self employment in farming & agricultural sectors particularly for rural youth by motivation and training by successful young entrepreneurs and scientists of different states.